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Exhibitor List

Find what you need for your business and meet face-to-face with hundreds of top suppliers in our expo hall. This is your opportunity to taste, smell, and demo products side by side!

Education Schedule

Come see in-depth workshops and live demos in the expo hall. Experience educational opportunities hosted by the baking industry’s best Mitchie Curran, Peter Reinhart, and many more!


Our annual show will be hosting 3 competitions: Cake Decorating Extravaganza, East Coast Bagel Championship, The Great Northeast Cookie Art & Creativity Contest. Go head-to-head with other bakers for a chance to win a competition & create a buzz for your business! 

New Name, Same Show!

Artisan Bakery Expo East, formerly known as Atlantic Bakery Expo, is the East Coast’s oldest and most successful baking industry trade show. It’s the only annual baking industry show and in conjunction with Pizza & Pasta Northeast, the East Coast’s largest trade show for independent pizzeria owners.

Show News

CMB Study Hall: Three-episode baguette installment now live

KANSAS CITY, MO — Baguettes, the first installment of the CMB Study Hall series, is now available on the Craft to Crumb website. In each episode, Lee Ann Adams, CMB, demonstrates a different phase of baguette production: Preferment and Mixing with Autolyse Shaping and Scoring Baking and Analysis  

8 Ways to Use AI in the Baking Industry

Artificial intelligence is no longer the new kid on the block. It is now common in most business and consumer processes, making it essential for remaining competitive in today’s market. You can also benefit from incorporating AI in the baking industry marketing, baking, and customer service processes. Is AI worth adopting in the baking industry, […]

For the Love of the Craft

In the digital social age, Craft to Crumb is here to spark new ideas and conversations that encourage artisan bakers and business owners to better their enterprises. It’s a forum for bakers to connect and learn about processes, equipment and ingredients that are changing the game in retail baking. Take a look at how — and why […]

8 Ways to Create an Eco-Friendly Bakery

Sustainability is a universal issue that all industries should contribute toward. Becoming an eco-friendly bakery can become your first step toward a better future. By adopting sustainable practices, bakeries can meet their needs and profit goals without hindering future generations from meeting their needs. It’s a business practice that looks beyond your own success, focusing […]

Promote your bakery for National Bakery Day 2023

The Retail Bakers of America (RBA) invites you to celebrate the success of your independent retail bakery on Friday, September 22 with a sweet holiday you can bring to life through live events, fresh treats, and signature tastes. Learn more in our slideshow.  

Setting the standard on food safety

TLANTIC CITY, NJ — During an education session at Artisan Bakery Expo East (ABEE), held October 1-2 at the Atlantic Convention Center, Charles Niedermyer, chef instructor at the Pennsylvania College of Technology, walked attendees through the ins and outs of proactively keeping food safety top of mind in bakeries. When getting into the food business, it is incredibly […]

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