5 Mistakes Vendors Make When Marketing to Retail Bakeries

If retail bakeries are your target market, avoid these five things that can limit your impact and hinder sales.

Underestimating the value of your current clients

According to Forbes, statistics show an increase in customer retention by 5% can lead to a company’s profits growing by 25% to around 95% over a period of time. At Artisan Bakery Expo East last year, 38% of attendees came to connect with their existing suppliers. Cross-selling or upselling to loyal customers who already know your brand using fewer resources to do so is the key to tapping into a customer’s lifetime value for you and your company.

Ignoring ongoing and changing needs

Consumer demands are constantly shifting. If you aren’t tapped in to understanding the future of retail bakeries, you’ll have difficulty in retaining them long-term as customers. Events like ABEE provide education for bakery decision-makers. Since 1 in 2 attendees come to the show for education, you can meet buyers when they’re open to learning and to explore new solutions to new (and existing) challenges.

Unable to understand individual business complexities

Truly understand the challenges that small business bakeries face (versus large commercial bakeries) so you can help offer your business solutions/products in a way that meets their unique and quickly evolving needs. When you show that you understand their challenges, it makes it easier for decision-makers to trust that the products or services you offer can be a viable solution.

No goal or plan

Trying to sell products and services without a plan is likely to fall short. Creating one can be straight-forward and simple. Consider the buyers’ experience, what you can do to capture attention and focus on the most important aspects of your products or services. Knowing what steps you’ll take along the way to keep decision-makers interested through the entire process will ensure that there are no pauses in next steps for you or bakery owners.

Not effectively introducing buyers to your new products

Tradeshow events like ABEE are the perfect avenue to showcase new ingredients & equipment to retail bakery owners. Engage the senses and take advantage of the face-to-face interactions. Demonstrate how easy your product is to use in a retail bakery setting. 72% of attendees at ABEE attend to explore new products and services. Ensure that you’re showcasing your latest and greatest products. You’ll not find this opportunity in any other setting so make the most of it!


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